Atlanta Granite For Less's Square Footage Calculator!

This is a square footage calculator designed to help you get an approximate estimation of your countertop project. This calculator is also built into AGFL's instant quote system if you want to get a good online estimate of what your countertop project will cost.
  •  ATLANTA GRANITE FOR LESS'S SQUARE FOOT CALCULATOR! The following calculation form will give you an idea of how much square footage you have with your granite counter top project. Please measure IN INCHES your countertops and then input the data in the area length/width fields below. The input fields represent an area or block of your countertop as in the below illustration of different shapes of countertops. Remember to "square up" each area to be measured by it's longest dimension as illustrated below. After you are finished inputing all the numbers for your countertops, the total square footage will be instantly calculated for you!

  • This is the total of the square footage of your countertop project based on your measurements in inches.
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